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June 9, 2016

Honest Wedding Tips – Honest Hue Austin Wedding Photographer

Honest Wedding tips, from me to you – Honest Hue Austin Wedding Photographer.

Your wedding day is here! You have bought your dress, your rings, and your shoes, and in your head everything is perfect and all you wanted it to be. You and your bridesmaids get together to start getting ready and reality hits you. Family everywhere wanting to chat with you ALL THE TIME, you have 30 min for your ceremony, and all you see is clothes all over the floor, makeup and hair products spread out in every little nook and cranny and you start breathing faster, you can’t find your necklace, no not that one, that one just broke, the other necklace! And you ask your  to bring you the shoes but they are not there. They were in the bag inside of the bag. Who has the rings? Your cousin comes in asking a ton of questions about the cake and catering who are late. Your mom comes in with rollers in her head 15 min before the ceremony, no make up and the lights go off right in the middle of your hair do.

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May 10, 2016

Honest Hue Albums

I have been wanting to write and post pictures of the albums that are included in our packages. So I wanted to post a couple of images so here they go.

The albums below show our current sizes, note that our 10″ x 10″ is actually our parent book and not a wedding book, shown here for size comparison: Read more

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May 8, 2016

Lisa’s Bridal Session at the House on a Hill

Have I said how much I love bridals? If not I should, they are awesome! Not only the chance to feel absolutely gorgeous and strut your white dress, but you also get to check out how you will see and look the day of.

Also you get to see how it feels to sit, move and turn with your dress, and prepare yourself for your big day. I love bridals and they are a definite must have prior to your wedding day? Why?  Well with the rush of your wedding day you will look back and wish you’d had a whole hour for yourself for images of you being you and being a beautiful bride.

I was so excited when Lisa told me she wanted to have her session at the beautiful Read more